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A Broke Theatre is a performance group which has created original pieces such as 'The Sandbox' at the Art Matters Festival 2020, and 'Bogeyman' for The OTC Online Show. It was founded in 2017 by Aidan and Madison as an independent platform for performing artists to share developing work.
A Broke Theatre at NOMAD is an evening of live performances, featuring :
- The premiere of Michael Tall's 'The Beinoni', performed by Aidan Cottreau and A Broke Theatre ensemble
- Readings of poetry and drama by Madison Fyper from her works 'Sexual Encounters of Caterpillars' and 'The Voicebox'
- Anna Justen, musician and vocalist

"The theatre is broken, it must run in the streets."

Art for The Sexual Encounters of Caterpillars by Adrienne Gantenberg
The Voice Box cast:
Faiza Boukaria
Cyndy Bastien
Naomi Levy
Leya Graie
Maryam Nour
Val Ortiz
Camille Lemay-Paquin
Music by Ella Williams
Poetic Portraits by Jonathan Stern

The Beinoni cast:
Lauren Mendes
Armias Azariya
Noah Singer
Cindy Bastien
Arun Radhakrishnan
Quinlan Green
Ilyass Fdaouch
Aidan Cottreau
Music and SFX by Alex Tesolin and Mike Zajner, with Joseph Achron


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