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I consider it one of the greatest privileges of my life to have studied at Stanstead College.
Here, boys and girls grades 7 through 12,
live and study on a picturesque campus
surrounded by the hills
of Quebec's Eastern Townships and Northern Vermont.

Founded in 1872, the College has a population of approximately 250 students
from around the world and a highly involved faculty and staff.

In recent years I had the pleasure of getting involved myself
by joining the Board of Trustees, speaking at 2019's baccalaureate service,
and producing some films to show the world what an amazing school this is.

As the school heads into its 150th anniversary, Jane, my oldest daughter,

is beginning her studies there.  I imagine my family's proximity to the school

will garner more stories to tell about Stanstead College and I look forward to sharing them with you.

- Jason Rodi, NOMAD founder and Stanstead College Alumnus


As she prepared for University, Mariama Barry, Class of 2021, talks about the academic advantages of attending Stanstead College.

Stanstead College’s structured athletics program encourages teamwork, fair play, perseverance and, above all, health. Each term, students have a choice of athletic options, with practices taking place after school four weekdays out of five. Whether you are part of an elite team or pushing yourself in an individual sport, Spartans Athletics promotes skills development and physical fitness. Although Stanstead College is a small school of approximately 250 students, the walls of our athletic facilities proudly display the many banners our teams have earned over the years. Win or lose, our athletes live and celebrate Spartans Pride.

Here is the portrait of an impressive young man who exemplifies what Stanstead College is about; a marriage of academics and athleticism. Indeed Stanstead has developed one of the greatest, most well rounded hockey programs in Canada.
This is Devon De Vries,
captain of the Varsity Hockey team at Stanstead College.

The girls at Stanstead College also benefit from a rigorous hockey program, but its their sisterhood that makes them strong and confident young women on and off the ice. The Stanstead College girls varsity hockey program provides the perfect balance of elite athletics, rigorous academics and camaraderie. NOMAD followed the team to capture their love of the game, the school, and each other.

Finally, this is the story of Kirsten Layzell McConnell, a 1993 graduate who was the first girl to play hockey in her league, all thanks to a teacher who invited her in the boys' team, and a team that supported her on and off the ice.  This is a true testament to Stanstead's pioneer spirit.

Jason Rodi

Stanstead College

2019 Graduation Speech

I had the great honour of giving the Baccalaureate speech to the Graduating class of 2019.  As long winded as my elocution may have been, I did my best to expand the futures of the students before me.  Freely stealing ideas from the greatest of minds, I tried to be as honest and truthful in the few minutes I had with these kids, and my past self.  I attempted a sort of collective visualization, something to idealize the road ahead, and I hope it has a similar effect on you now.

Jason Rodi TEDx Talk
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