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Dear Nomads,

Something has begun, a spark, a hint of a flame.  Its real, its warm, and now, gently, we will blow onto it, whisper secret songs, and feed the flame.

Already, after our first gathering last Thursday, the right pieces fell into place.  A band, led by Piki Chappell and his cello, Simon Wayland on atmospheric guitar, Dan Handelman on acoustic guitar, and myself, the Wizard, conductor of dreams.  In the coming weeks, Karina Marquez will join in with vocals, Catherine Francoeur will bring paints, Quentin Noël Bourbeau will play piano, and Koki Kaminoura will video map the walls.  I'm sure that in the coming weeks Philippe Mastrocola, Sarah Nguyen, Fariba Bonakdar, and many friends, old and new, will join in the theatrics created by my latest time machine.

This Thursday the 12th, starting slowly at 10pm, we'll have our weekly jam, all the way to a climax at 11:11pm, upon which I'll take over the music. 

It will all ramp up to October 28th for our first public ANTENNAE, a Halloween ritual for 88 lucky souls.

Until then, every Thursday, NOMAD opens its doors to you; the creators, explorers, dreamers.  This is our night to hang, experiment, show, share, shine and shimmy.  Invite only, we curate a unique experience for our community of artists, musicians, and performers, creating an experimentation space to test new works before our peers, in an informal yet electrifying atmosphere.  We invite you to embrace the unknown so it may unveil new worlds within you.  Here, there is no audience.  We are all actors in this great movie we call Life, NOMAD Life.

So, every Thursday at 8 pm, if you are invited, come not as a spectator, but as a player.

Step into the movie, feel the rhythms, and co-create under NOMAD sky.

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