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We are a coworking production studio in Montreal
streaming daily on &

Off the train tracks of the Montreal's vibrant Mile-End district, NOMAD is more than a coworking production studio spanning 10,000 square feet. It's the embodiment of creativity, collaboration, and sustainability in the realm of storytelling. Founded by media pioneer Jason Rodi – with a legacy tracing back to the creation of Moment FactoryNOMAD represents a unique synergy between a uniquely versatile shooting space, transmedia video production, and a dynamic event & coworking environment.  Every corner of our studio reverberates with creativity, echoing our dedication to freedom, exploration, and heightened consciousness.
Dive into our riveting content, streaming daily on
and the contemplative
Join us, and be part of the legend.



Get 24/7 access to the studio

with your own dedicated space

in NOMAD's unique creative atmosphere.


Studio rental

NOMAD is a unique production studio 
offering a beautiful creative open space
in a 10000 square foot building
by the train tracks of the
Montreal Mile End.
What makes NOMAD special is not only 
the creative community surrounding it,
but also the video and event production services
we provide devotedly.


PRODUCTION & Broadcasting

Watch our films and broadcasts, join our events,
or explore our commercial work.

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