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Our gathering of live music, art, video, tattoo, circus, and everything creative.


The evening might begin with classical music, transition from jazz to punk, and finish in electronica.  As for the sights, they are as flamboyantly eclectic.  Every month we exhibit all forms of art, and have multidisciplinary artists creating live.  It's a wild art storm, and its beautiful to witness.  Hence, we're quite proud to have held over 35 of these sessions at NOMAD.  Its a rare thing to have in any city, such a creative energy diligently imposing itself, month after month.  That's ArtJam.

Created and curated by Sacha Jones of
Good Vibe People, each edition presents a fresh lineup of artists from all disciplines, collectively pushing the limits of artistic innovation in a social and interactive setting. 

Weekly Virtual ArtJam