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AliX - A Night with the Spirits
19 minute drama fantasy, 2022

A home movie about the night filmmaker Jason Rodi's 10 year old daughter, AliX, didn't come home.  Blending reality and dream, the informal production has father and daughter tell a story that may or may not be true.  Written together and quickly shot in a day on location at Maison Gorchon, Jason and AliX Rodi's first co-creation will leave you wondering where AliX's adventures will take us next.



Jason Rodi family.JPG

From award winning director Jason Rodi (The Eye of the Son, The Last Place on Earth, ALL WE HAVE IS NOW, Voices of Freedom) comes AliX - A Night with the Spirits, a fantastical home film about the night his 10 year old daughter didn't come home.

Jason's dreams have taken him atop the highest mountain on every continent, the North and South poles, and sailing across the seven seas to the most remote island on the planet.
  In 2017 he was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross of Canada for creating the multimedia entertainment studio, Moment Factory.  He has been working as NOMAD since 2007.  NOMAD is a production studio off the tracks of the Montreal Mile End, live 24/7 on

A Night with the Spirits


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