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50th anniversary film installation

Playing in the grand lobby of the CIBC tower is a film commemorating the highest point in Montreal's 50th anniversary. With access to every possible part of this impressive architecture, from incredibly rich archives, luxurious offices, massive machine rooms, and most notably the rooftop and the window cleaner's lift, we utilized the latest in camera equipment to make the most of this opportunity. Drone cameras flew around the building, inside the lobby, and even over the rooftop. Dollies smoothly graced the edges of the monumental Montreal landmark, all the way into it's mechanical entrails.

Production: NOMAD Industries
Director/Editing: Jason Rodi
Cinematography: Paul Hurteau, VideoMTL
Animation: Chakib Bouayed
Client: Bob


Century Rolls: I. First Movement (Excerpt) by John Adams
I Am Flying by Susumu Yokota from the album Laputa
Knee 1 by Philip Glass & Nosaj Thing from REWORK (Philip Glass Remixed)
and a little piece of Mogwai Fear Satan (Mogwai Remix) by Mogway from the album Kicking A Dead Pig

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