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Co-op Collective Vision empowers youth and teens who are interested in learning about the digital arts with the skills to create, film and star in their own movies! We offer a variety of multimedia workshops at our summer and March break camps, in-school extracurricular programs, new remote programs, and private lessons.  Creative Video Teen Camp is a brand new program by Co-op Collective Vision.

In this program, teens will take on different roles in the film-making process to create their very own movie. Perfect for teens who either want to make their own movies, other types of videos or start making high quality vlogs for YouTube. It’s also great for teens looking to apply to media programs in CEGEP or University as they will have something to add to their portfolio.

Using brand new, professional equipment, teens will learn all key aspects of film-making. They will learn about script writing, cinematography, sound recording, video editing as well as how to produce and direct their own movies.