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Hyatt Montreal

A.R.T. Video Installation

NOMAD produced a series of A.R.T. videos for Hyatt Montreal's Hywall, a very wide screen in the art bar of the hotel.  A.R.T. stands for Attention Restoration Theory based on the research of psychologists Rachel and Stephen Kaplan in 1989.  Our meditative videos induce a psychological effect known as "Soft Fascination", a type of attention established to reinvigorate your brain.

The above cityscape emulate the view from a virtual window looking over Montreal.  Four were produced so the view may change with the seasons.

Below are six 15 minute A.R.T. films each presenting a different art form: music, dance, architecture, painting, sculpture, and poetry.  These were also commissioned by Hyatt Montreal for the same, extra wide screen.

Artscapes - Music - Jasmin Roy Lacasse + Arokin
Lire la vidéo
Artscapes - Dance - Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young - Live at Microscope Gallery - 05 Untitled
Lire la vidéo
Artscapes - Architecture - Gridspace
Lire la vidéo