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Lea's Late Night Circus Show

Live from NOMAD every Sunday this summer, its LEA'S LATE NIGHT CIRCUS SHOW, a talk show dedicated to showcasing the best of the world's circus talent.

Every Sunday (14h Eastern/ 20h CET), Lea throws an exclusive acrobatic party with today’s "crème de la crème" of modern circus artists. During two hours of interactive live streaming, Lea Toran Jenner welcomes you and her weekly guest to NOMAD to perform, play, talk, confess and much more.
Beyond acrobatics, performances and games, you will be led to discover circus artists’ personalities and get to know them on a level that goes far beyond their usual 5 minute act. Through personal stories and crunchy questions, Lea brings a 360-degree point of view on what it is to be a circus artist in 2021. 
From world class acrobatics and intimate moments, you can participate in a moderated "chat feed" with interactive "commands" created for the audience to trigger applause, laughter or even drum-rolls during the live show. The audience’s active role during the night spices up the atmosphere and creates instant on screen feedback for the performers making each viewer a crucial part of this live show.


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