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December 15th 6:30pm

Join the LOGISTEC family for an end of year
Magic Extravaganza

Pour participer pleinement à la performance, veuillez avoir les items suivants /
To fully be able to participate, please have the following items  handy:

- a pair of scissors / des ciseaux
- a deck of cards / un paquet de cartes
- a print out of the following document / une copie de ce document

cards icon.png


Levitations, transformations, predictions, thought readings and teleportations: LIVE.


Transposing his powerful contemporary magic effects and his breathtaking remote mentalism experiences, the illusionist Marc-Alexandre Brûlé delivers a live moment, blurring the limits between reality and your screens.


Captured by professional videographers in the beautiful setting of NOMAD Life studio in Montreal, ZOOM IN is nothing like the classic webcasts or amateur Zoom performances you are used to seeing.


This show, both intimate and spectacular, will give your team an extraordinary moment from the comfort of their home.

A wonderful way to end this incredible year.

*MarcAlexandreBrule magicien evenement M
cards icon.png
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