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In 2022 NOMAD is on a quest around its home province of Quebec to explore what values all Quebecers share.  Meeting local personalities in the most breathtaking landscapes the province has to offer, we search for meaning in moments of fulfillment and transcendence.

Salut NOMAD!  Nous sommes sur la route du Québec pour vivre des expériences qui élargissent notre conscience et explore la condition humaine. Gros trip, quoi!

Toi aussi tu fais de la vidéo? Tu as des gens interessants à nous présenter?
Des endroits que nous ne devrions pas manquer?

Fais-nous signe.

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Tourisme Quebec - The Wheel
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In 2012 NOMAD created an adventure film for Tourisme Quebec

and first performed it at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Scotland.


It's a story of two 1967 Royal Enfield motorcycles that bring

two unlikely friends across Quebec in search of home and adventure.

Since it was originally presented with live music and narration, we completed the film for the web by performing it with live music by Eric Bolduc at NOMAD Nation.

A Land of Adventure
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