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Van Horne Sessions, or VHS for short, are live music videos produced in the Montreal Mile End's legendary NOMAD studios, and curated by Couteau Music House.  Van Horne is the original home base of such bands as Arcade Fire or Godspeed You! Black Emperor.  Consequently, NOMAD hosted such secret shows as Patrick Watson, Dear Criminals, or Barr Brothers to name very few.  Coupled with Couteau’s vast connections in Canada’s independent music scene, NOMAD’s award winning filmmaker and Moment Factory founder, Jason Rodi, lends a cinematic vision to every performance.


Afternoon Bike Ride
Afternoon Bike Ride - VHS
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Afternoon Bike Ride VHS 1
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Afternoon Bike Ride VHS 2
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Afternoon Bike Ride VHS 3
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Montreal trio Afternoon Bike Ride is composed of three musician friends; LIA, Thomas White and Tender Spring, who all debuted as solo acts before forming the group.

The band is known for their lo-fi, bedroom-pop music with strong chillhop electronic influences, intricate textures and the soothing voice of LIA. Afternoon Bike Ride keep suprising their listeners with their unique approach and drive to create therapeutic, healing and positive music. The 3 friends hope to deliver a message: to pause your inner monologue and take a moment to breath.

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